For industry

For industry

Your company must be safe and work efficiently regardless of the season of the year. Wiśniowski industrial fences and gates guarantees full security in use and protect your property. These are complete systems to close the production, investment, sport or car park areas. All products of the Wiśniowski company are produced with care for the smallest detail. The quality of materials and proven construction solutions decide of longstanding and reliable work. We know everything about gates and fences! Together we will make the best choice.

Industrial gates

Sectional gates

Sectional gates for industry have been made on the basis of investors’ preferences and designed to ensure easy and fast assembly. Application of a tensioner in gates with a drive, reduces the requirement of room depth and perfectly balanced wing weight and several ways to open the gate: chain transmission, cord transmission or compact cylinder with control cassette “up-stop-down” enables the efficient operation.

It is possible to connect other devices cooperating with the gate, and other solutions that enable to adjust the gate to individual needs of industrial halls. Thanks to modern drive unit, the gate can make above 100 000 cycles.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Sectional gates

Roller gates

To better light the dark room, it is worth thinking about the gate with glazed profiles. Such solution allows to save electricity. Thanks to the glazed profiles, the area behind the gate can be also controlled without the necessity to open it. The possibility of glazing elevates the esthetics of the gate.

The air flow in the room ensures maintaining appropriate level of humidity. Ventilated profiles mounted in such manner, are the same as glazing. It is natural ventilation, which enables air flow inside the room.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Roller gates

Suspended gates

Proven construction of the gates in modified version has been customized to the new type of the wing made of panels used to produce sectional gates wings. Thanks to that SlidePro gained exceptional esthetic values, higher construction strength parameters and very good thermal insulation coefficient.

Practical functionality of the SlidePro gate results from reduction to minimum, the elements which apart from ensuring not complicated assembly, facilitate free and fail-safe work of the gate. The possibility of mounting to the ceiling or lintel makes the gate universal in terms of application. Similar like other types of gates with suspended-sliding construction, SlidePro can be made in one or two-wing version.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Suspended gates

Folding gates

Folding gates developed for showrooms, airports, exhibitions and modern architecture buildings where the style and elegance combine with reliability and functionality.
Maximum light opening of the entrance 14000 x 6000 [mm].

Based on the needs and ideas of particular clients, who expect lasting, esthetic and original look, we offer wide color range. Thanks to it we give the opportunity to choose the color of the door to elevation, windows or finishers of the premises. For clients who seek gates in unique colors, we have prepared the offer of powder coating in 200 colors from RAL palette.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Folding gates

Industrial fencing

Sliding gates

Galvanizing is economically effective technique both on the stage of making and operation. WIŚNIOWSKI galvanized industrial fencing do not require surface maintenance through many years. During the period of use you do not have to worry about protecting the elements by means of expensive means, required in traditional fencing. Galvanized steel can be recycled, it does not pollute the environment.

All the elements of the WIŚNIOWSKI industrial fencing are subjected to the best methods of anti-corrosion protection by means of galvanizing and powder coating. The coating is obtained in the process of submersion of already chemically cleaned construction.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI bramy przesuwne

Panel fencing

VEGA B, VEGA B Light and VEGA B Light II grating panels with ribbing are included in the system of panel ribbed fencing. The assembly can be carried out on four types of posts: Gamma – original, patented solution developed by the WIŚNIOWSKI company and Beta (only for VEGA B and VEGA B Light) and Omega.

VEGA B panel is made of sealed steel rods of 5 mm diameter, VEGA B Light made of 4 mm diameter rods and VEGA B Light II panel made of 3 mm diameter rods. They have a wide application in park fencing, public facilities, supermarkets, factories, sport facilities, and also private premises.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Panel fencing

Industrial segments

Combination of galvanized coating and varnished coating in the DUPLEX system allows to extend the period of use of the WIŚNIOWSKI fencing. Regardless of weather conditions we can be sure that the WIŚNIOWSKI industrial fencing will be looking esthetic all the time. Using the RAL color palette, gives the opportunity to select appropriate color of polyester protection coating.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI segmenty przemysłowe

Sport fencing

WIŚNIOWSKI company sport fencing guarantee full security with the maximum visibility. The panels are suspended on the mount brackets located under every line of horizontal double rods, mounted by means of clamping plates.

Based on the needs and ideas of particular clients, who expect lasting, esthetic and original look, we offer wide color range. Thanks to it we give the opportunity to choose the color of the door to elevation, windows or finishers of the premises.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Sport fencing

Aluminum and steel work


Thanks to the application of appropriate protection like fittings, anti-break-in pins or special panes, we can adjust the door to the proper class risk and construction law requirements. The doors are tested according to the latest European standards, that is why we can ensure their users, the best protection.

High endurance parameters of the doors are owed to application of proper methods of joining the door profiles. In conjunction with the finest materials, we receive the effect of the door with stable and strong construction, resistant to physical and atmospheric factors.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Door

Facade construction

WIŚNIOWSKI® facade systems allow to glaze the whole elevation of the building. We make even the most untypical shapes of light, shielding, multi-faceted walls, roofs, skylights, and other spatial constructions. Varied combinations of glazing with secure pane in every available types, gives endless possibilities of arrangements while retaining all required safety standards.

We adapt facades and skylights to individual investors’ and designers’ needs. Technical office will provide you with appropriate technical support, from the design stage, calculations, stability to shape and color choice and to project execution. Our products meet strict European standards, that is why they can be applied in public, investment, recreational and residential facilities.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Facade construction


Comfortable aluminum walls are characterized with easy operation and comfort. Doors and windows mounted in the walls can be equipped with automated technology, which increases the standard of use to a great extent. High quality fitting and additional equipment ensures smooth work of all mobile elements in the wall.

Numerous construction solutions and wide range of colors ensure unlimited possibilities to arrange the space. The wide selection of fittings and proper accessories can be applied in aluminum and steel wall systems. Thanks to which, the wall elements are compatible with mounted doors and windows. Constructions are equipped with special systems of seals and separators which constitute proper sealing and thermal insulation.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Walls

Fire protection joinery

Fire doors and walls by WIŚNIOWSKI can be built alone or constitute the element of the wall in the same execution. Fire resistance of the wall cannot by lower than fire resistance of the door.

Big glazed areas give a lot of opportunities of the interior arrangement with isolation of fire zones at the same time. These solutions find wide application in different facilities because of high esthetics and durability.

More details: WIŚNIOWSKI Fire protection joinery


Window Redan


Window Redan

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