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We know that your home is a unique place. We know that the comfort and safety of you and your family is the most important issue. Let us show concern for exceptional look of your house and your family felt comfortably and safe. We know everything about gates and fences! Together we will make the best choice.

Garage gates

Sectional gates

A new generation of sectional gates, in which unique solutions were applied: INNOVO panel of 60 mm thickness, heat-transfer coefficient U=0.79 W/m2K. All sectional gates are made with care for the smallest detail, they have complex system of covers and sealing and also numerous modern security systems.

Sectional gates from Wiśniowski company are the most energy-efficient garage gates with the highest standard in acceptable price. Sectional gates have optimal wind, water and air resistance parameters.

More details: Wiśniowski sectional gates

Roller gates

Gate’s curtain rolls up on a shaft hidden in a cassette, thanks to it the space under the ceiling can be saved. Roller gates are characterized with a curtain made of aluminum profiles filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam. In the extreme bottom profile a cellular rubber seal adjacent to basis is mounted. The curtain moves along vertical aluminum runners and rolls up on a shaft.

Aluminum runners mounted along the side edges of the opening, are equipped with brush seals. All roller gates are equipped with drive and actuator tube mounted on the shaft.

More details: Wiśniowski roller gates

Swing gates

Swing gates are one of the most popular gates on the market. Their simple construction and simple and proven mechanical solutions guarantee reliable work. They are characterized with the wing made of galvanized steel plate – trapezium T-10, with vertical, horizontal and slanted filling system or galvanized, perforated steel plate. The elements of casing are combined with each other by means of turned connections.

Wing’s profiles are connected by means of special accessories. A crossbar connecting the horizontal runners and side slides. Spring systems supporting the lifting and lowering the gate wing. Springs are secured in casing.

More details: Wiśniowski swing gates

Biparting gates

Biparting gates are the most economical closing of the garage. Guarantee of low price and reliable work is application of simple and proven solutions. The main features are among other things the casing and the wing made of galvanized steel section without thermal partition and the wing is filled with galvanized steel plate – trapezium T-10 with vertical, horizontal and slanted filling system.

The elements of casing are combined with each other by means of turned connections, the wing opening limitation stop or flange are mounted, they hold down uncontrolled movement towards closure. Hinge locking device is also mounted. It secures the gate against collapsing of the wing.

More details: Wiśniowski biparting gates

Real estate gates and fences

Sliding gates

Sliding gate is a self-supporting body, of which structure is placed on a foundation by means of anchor bolts. The wing moves a few centimeters above ground, that is why it is not blocked by anything. Depending on the design, the filling are steel profiled sections or bars. Mounting rail 95x85 mm is mounted to the gate wing, running rail is made waste-free of galvanized-steel plate – this unique production process of one of the most important sliding gate elements guarantees efficient, smooth and silent work.

The gate can be mounted on two or three mounting screws.
Typical dimensions: 3000x1200, 3000x1450, 3500x1200, 3500x1450, 4000x1200, 4000x1450, 4500x1200, 4500x1450, 5000x1450, 5000x1750, 5500x1450, 5500x1750, 6000x1450, 6000x1750 [mm]
Special dimensions: max. width = 6000, max. height = 1950 [mm]

More details: Wiśniowski sliding gates

Hinged gates and wicket gates

Wicket gates with solid construction mounted to the system of steel or brick posts by means of assembly plates. The wing moves on hinges placed on the gate axle. Depending on the design, the filling are steel profiled sections or bars.

Typical dimensions: 1000x1200, 1000x1450, 1000x1750, 1200x1450, 1200x1750 [mm].
Special dimensions: max width = 1350, max height = 1950 [mm].

More details: Wiśniowski hinged gates and wicket gates

Segments and posts

Segments with solid construction mounted by means of mounting accessories. Depending on the design, the filling are steel profiled sections or bars. Typical dimensions: 2500x900, 2500x1200, 2500x1450, 2500x1750, 3000x900, 3000x1200, 3000x1450, 3000x1750.

Posts are made of steel profiled sections, they can be mounted in a concrete foundation or on a base attached by means of anchors to harden ground. The depth of the foundation should be bigger than the ground freezing level in particular region.

More details: Wiśniowski segments and posts

Aluminum doors


U coefficient on the level of 0.8 W/m2K, thermally insulated aluminum profiled sections (including “warm threshold”), subliminal material section to “warm assembly”, peripheral sealing system. The wing filling with insulated panel with the width of 77 mm (extruded polystyrene foam), multi-point lock (3 point automatic with the day function with hook-pins), internal hinges (hidden in door wing) or external. Max. width 1400 mm; max. height 2500 mm.

Additional elements of control access: fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth, code keyboard, Smart Touch, Additional equipment: self-closer hidden in the door wing, electronic viewfinder with a bell, additional lock with butterfly insert from the inside, lock position sensor – to connect the alarm.

More details: Wiśniowski doors

Glazed door

We make every type of fixed or movable partition walls. This allows to optimum use of the space in offices, conference rooms and also in private rooms. Wide range of fine quality fittings let us to make sliding, swing doors.

High quality and perfection of making, elevates the esthetic values, creating friendly atmosphere and at the same time increasing the standard of the room. Additionally the glass surfaces interact great with other materials applied in the whole interior.

More details: Wiśniowski glazed doors


Window Redan


Window Redan

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