Automated technology

Automated technology

You are coming back home, it is raining or snowing… It is better to stay in the car than wrestle with your gate, our remote control gate will do it for you. Automatic gates are the guarantee of comfort and luxury in our own homes. Check our offer and you will find out yourself.

The Nice company has existed for 18 years on the Polish market, it has been a leader in this industry, supplier of complex automated technology systems for gates, roller-blinds and garage gates. An innovative concept, the highest usability, the most modern technology and revolutionary design – these are the features, which ideally reflects the nature of Nice products. Milestones in automated technology, whose the mother is a necessity and the father is innovation, can describe the Nice company from many years. Many revolutionary solutions, which are used commonly by many manufactures of automated technology for gates and roller-blinds, were applied by the Nice company.

BFT company has been operating in automated technology for gates, garages and doors sector since 1980. The BFT company is a brand recognized all around the world and their products enjoy excellent reputation. Thanks to use of innovative BFT products, day by day, the quality of life is improving. These products meet more and more needs, especially luxury, comfort and safety. The BFT company interprets these needs in intelligent way, develops and executes wide range of products technologically advanced and flexible, which will be able to satisfy all demands concerning automated technology for houses and buildings: gates, garages, roller-blinds and doors.
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Automated technology for gates

Automated technology for garage gates

Functional and modern drives for garage doors are adjusted to different sizes, weight, frequency and gate opening speed. Wide choice of products with advanced technical parameters and additional accessories that ensure comfort and safety, are able to meet the highest requirements and meet individual needs of every single user. Drives for garage gates are guarantee of comfortable and failure-free work of the garage gate for long years, saving time and energy.

Automated technology for sliding gates

Properly matched drive of entrance gate is the element responsible for comfort and safety of the user. Like the gate’s heart, sets it in motion, invariably and reliably guides the work of the gate. There are in our offer modern actuators ideally adapted to different sizes, weight, frequency and sliding gate opening speed, thanks to which they are ideal both in private properties and also in housing cooperatives.

Automated technology for two-wing gates

While choosing the drive for two-wing gate one must remember not only about its functionality but also about basic parameters, which have an influence on its proper work, such as size of the gate wings, required opening angle and work intensity. In the offer of the Nice company, you can find innovative drives adjusted to different sizes, weight, frequency and wing gates opening speed. The Nice gate drives perfectly joins the comfort and easy use in esthetic look.

Barriers and road barriers. Access control systems

Electromechanical barriers are the most frequently applied type of barriers. The main element of the barrier is a gear motor which consists of an engine powered by 24V voltage which ensures fast and smooth work. The Nice modern electromechanical barriers are ideal for public facilities, housing cooperatives, companies and industrial applications.

Electromechanical barriers are very economical solution – they do not require special maintenance works, but during heavy use, it is recommended to make periodical check-ups. In our climatic conditions, this type of barriers works best.


We have intercoms in our offer.

Video Intercoms

We have in our offer video intercoms.

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